Student Achievements

  "Hi Donna,


Believe it or not I finally won a national art competition. Not 1st...but 10th out of 131 so that's not bad


...Here's the drawing that won...


thought you might like to know at least one of your students got somewhere with their art."


   ~ Ken

 ~ Esther

"Marilyn Monroe"



"The Fox"


"Donna did a great job of helping me move my painting to the next level.

She could identify the small details that made all the difference"

~ Mark


"Falling In-Deeper and Deeper" Donna what a fabulous teacher you are! Your star shines bright in the sky! Thank you for helping fall deeper in to this water color thing! Ever Grateful"

 ~ Peggy

"Falling In-Deeper and Deeper"


"Hi Donna,

See the beautiful painting above? It's all thanks to you! I've learned quite a bit in your classes. You have a way of teaching that's not like teaching, just talking about the subject matter in a casual way.  I'll miss you when you go to Florida."

~ Dina C.


"Dear Donna,
Thank you for teaching me how to paint! You make it so much fun and make things that seem impossible.... possible."

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein




This ocean scene was taken by my niece by marring "Rebecca Larkin" at  San Cabos Mexico.

"Red-breasted Grosbeck"


"My foray into oil painting has been supported and enriched by Donna's patience and artistic skill; thank you, Donna!"

 ~ Patti



"After Long break, coming back to Donna was the best thing  I did."


~ Shiela


"Big Boy"

"Polar Bear & Cub"

"Black Panther"

by Ellen Polyard



"Big Sky Rock Doc"



"I am really enjoying painting, and Donna is a great teacher.  The classes are relaxed and fun.  I have learned so much and continue to learn with every painting I do.  Thank you for all your help as I painted Polo - I couldn’t have done this a few months ago."


 ~ Hilary

‘Polo’ - oil on canvas board



"Summer Afternoon by Barbara Samuel
I found Donna by accident and it has been such a great thing for my painting. She has a gift for meeting each student where they are and helping us each in our own way. I used to think I ruined paintings all the time--Donna is teaching me how to save them, not give up. Thanks!! I love these classes and hate to miss."


~ Barbara



"I have enjoyed learning how to paint in oils. I have always been fascinated with God's creation and His amazing variety of birds.

Thanks, Donna, for teaching me how to express myself and His creation as I see it."



Oil Painting                                   ~ Charlotte


OIL PAINTING                          


 "Over many years I had painting lesson at various venues. Then I met Donna.

She is by far the most experienced instructor that I have run accross. There is not any artistic medium in which she is not capable to instruct.

~ Karl



Leber's Wolf Painting and Owl 




"Donna, you are a fantastic teacher. I learn somethingnew and valuable

with every class."


~ Linda





Title. Double click me.

“I have learned so much from Donna.  She is so talented and imparts her gift to her students beautifully without pressure.  I have been taking lessons from her for 2 years now and have grown immensely in my confidence and ability.  She is fun and allows each student to progress at their own pace, while pushing us just enough to make us grow!!! Thanks Donna for making painting challenging and fun!! You are an incredible inspiration!!” 


~ Charla Schwartz



Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me with my painting of our two precious dogs, Tiglet and Serenity, who passed away this year. This picture means so much to me"

~ Michelle


"Hi Donna,

I want to thank you! I have so enjoyed your painting and drawing classes, and have learned and improved my art talent greatly from your input.


I have included a painting that I was commissioned to do recently, which I did not consider as a possibility when I first began classes with you."


~ Deborah


"Take a look at Donna Francis' website and you will see why I decided to sign up for her multimedia classes.

Her work covers many genres, all of them beautifully executed. Donna teaches with the perfect balance between advice, example, and space. My understanding of form and light has grown tremendously under her instructions, and I have created oil paintings that I love."


~ Jeannine



"Hi Donna, here is the owl you helped me paint to go into my collection on the mantel. My family is amazed that I did that as well as myself.  I couldn't of done it without your guidance and help.  Thank you. Mary"


 ~ Mary Mills

"Joey's Elk"







"This is one of my early watercolors, painted from a photo of a field of poppies. It was intended to be just what it is - a whimsical, light painting that is easy and pleasant to look at."


~ Ginna Sanders





~ Barbara Watts